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frederik vannieuwenhuyse

Scrum Beyond 2023 Amsterdam

In collaboration with Tobias Mayer and Charles-Louis de Maere, Re-Evented is supporting the Scrum Beyond Open Space on the 7th of October, 2023, in Amsterdam. This event is conducted using Open Space Technology—the cutting-edge of self-organization. There is no prescribed agenda; the schedule is created on the day of the event, on the fly, and continuously updated. As ideas come to participants, they schedule sessions to explore. If at least one other person is interested, we have a new session. More info via

Agile Tour Brussels

As of 2023, Re-Evented will take over the organization of Agile Tour Brussels. Short history overview The non-profit “Agile Systems” was created by the original founders of the XP Days Benelux conference and also organized Agile Tour Brussels. In 2015, the founders decided to stop with the organization of XP Days Benelux, and a new non-profit organization, “Re-Evented,” was created. Onwards, Re-Evented organizes the yearly XP Days Benelux conference. In 2023, agile systems vzw is dissolved, and Re-Evented takes over the organization of Agile Tour Brussels with a new crew. Re-Evented hosts events and new events and initiatives will follow… Read More »Agile Tour Brussels


The website is up and running to create an online presence for Re-Evented. Up till today, Re-Evented has been organizing the XP Days Benelux yearly conference. The first edition of XP Days Benelux took place in 2003. XP Days Benelux has a rich history. Re-Evented took over the previous organizations in 2016. In 2020 we skipped a year. In 2021, we organized an online edition. XP Days Benelux 2022 in Luxembourg – 2022 was the year of the XP Days Benelux conference, which took place for the first time in Luxembourg. It was a 2-day event organized in September for… Read More »Re-Evented