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Agile Tour Brussels

As of 2023, Re-Evented will take over the organization of Agile Tour Brussels.

Short history overview

The non-profit “Agile Systems” was created by the original founders of the XP Days Benelux conference and also organized Agile Tour Brussels. In 2015, the founders decided to stop with the organization of XP Days Benelux, and a new non-profit organization, “Re-Evented,” was created. Onwards, Re-Evented organizes the yearly XP Days Benelux conference.

In 2023, agile systems vzw is dissolved, and Re-Evented takes over the organization of Agile Tour Brussels with a new crew.

Re-Evented hosts events and new events and initiatives will follow in the future!

Contact us if you want to join as an organizational volunteer.

You can also contact us to submit an idea for a new event!