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Powerful learning. Community driven.

Re-Evented is an organization that is committed to creating events that have a positive impact on society. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering event organization services for workshops, courses, learning journeys, and training sessions. We believe these events can be powerful learning, growth, and community-building tools. The Academy is focused on creating learning experiences and organizing educational events.

One of the aspects of the Re-Evented Academy is our commitment to supporting unemployed people, students, and recent graduates by offering reduced ticket pricing. Everyone should have access to quality learning opportunities, regardless of their financial situation. By providing reduced ticket pricing, we hope to make our events more accessible and inclusive. We also provide free sessions at schools and universities.

We ask that trainers and facilitators of the Re-Evented Academy who use the Re-Evented network to promote the events they are involved in will share part of the profit with Re-Evented. This helps to build awareness and support for Re-Evented as an organization, and it also helps to fund other events and initiatives that we undertake.

Event listing

You can find a listing of the current events below and here.